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Digital Security

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    Burgular Alarms

    Home Security Alarm System in Hampton, VA
    Whether you're looking for a burglar and/or fire alarm system, access control, video surveillance system, alarm monitoring or a total customized security package, our security technicians have the knowledge and expertise to design the perfect security solution for your needs and budget. If you don't have a conventional phone line, we can supply a cellular transmitter that will take the place of a conventional line. If monitoring through the internet is what you are wanting to do, we can accommodate this also.
    Commercial Systems
    If you own your own business, you know that making your employees feel safe and protecting your assets are essential to your company's success. Regardless of the type of business you run, its size or assets, you can count on Digital Security for uncompromising dedication to your safety and security.
    • CCTV Camera Systems
    • Access Control Systems 
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Elevator Monitoring



    Digital Security carries various manufacturers of Personal Emergency Response Systems. The following is one such system. The Model IC2020 console is a state-of-the-art Personal Emergency Response and Tele-Medical Triage System.

    Features include:
    • The patent pending system offers two unique buttons: Emergency or non-urgent medical Nurse Triage.
    • The emergency alarm or Medical Triage Service can be triggered by the large buttons on the face of the console or with the wireless transmitter (included with system).
    • The system offers a 24-hour backup battery to keep the console running during power outages.
    • The IC2020 console provides Braille characters on the Emergency button for the visually impaired.
    • The console can receive signals from up to 8 wireless transmitters.
    • Wireless transmitters (remotes) are water resistant and can be worn in the bath or shower.
    Digital Security can supply these units to those in need for $35.00 per month. The contract is on a month-to-month basis. This includes one transmitter.


    Fire Alarms

    Residential Fire

    Residential fire systems can be stand alone or as in most cases, combined with a burglar system. Fire systems include wired and/or wireless smoke and/or heat detectors which communicate to the alarm panel and cause it to place a call to the central station anytime smoke or heat is detected. Other devices that can be monitored include CO and gas detectors. Anywhere there is a chance of a gas leak, it is a good idea to install a gas detector as an early warning.

    Commercial Fire
    A fire in your place of business can be devastating.  That's why a high-quality, professionally installed fire alarm system is a must for any business owner. At Digital Security, we provide expert fire alarm installation service for our valued clients in Tidewater, VA. Digital Security installs commercial fire systems using the Firelite product. These systems provide great scalability from a small to a relatively large system.


    Alarm Monitoring

    Alarm Monitoring Services
    Our monitoring station is staffed with highly trained operators who will alert and dispatch the correct authorities in case of burglary, fire or a medical emergency. Digital Security also monitors elevators and can communicate with anyone who finds themselves stuck in a faulty elevator. We then dispatch help to the location. Digital Security also does personal emergency monitoring which includes "I've fallen and can't get up" devices in the form of pendants and wristwatches. 
    IPDataTel manufactures alarm internet communication devices by making a single product that works with multiple panel manufactures. These features bring alarm system interaction to the user from any internet capable device including mobile devices. Offering both wired and wireless versions a solution can be found for any system.
    • Primary Communicator
    • System Interaction
    It’s time to stop thinking of radio as a backup. With the number of homes and businesses that are cell phone-only, the unreliability of VoIP as an alarm communications method and the demise of POTS, it’s critical to initiate a “GSM radio primary” strategy right now. By standardizing on GSM radio as the primary path of alarm transmission, you’ll help ensure that alarm signals get through and protect your home or business. Honeywell’s GSM solutions are the very best defense against today’s communications challenges.



    Digital Security designs state-of-the-art Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV). Whether you are looking for an analog or IP surveillance system for your home or business, our experienced team can provide expert design and installation of CCTV systems. We offer a wide variety of security cameras and digital recorders. We only use reputable, reliable camera manufacturers and high-quality products. We offer systems manufactured by AVS, CPCAM, Honeywell and others.

    License Plate Capture Analog Camera

    The Sens650LPR is a Torpedo IR camera customized for license plate capture. License plate capture is accomplished at a 60-foot distance and up to 150 mph.


    Access Control

    Digital Security also designs and installs access control systems. Access control means limiting entry into an area to specific people at specific times. These systems can be as simple as one door going into an office or as complex as a large business, controlling doors, elevators and parking lots. Instead of using keys, entry is gained by using special codes or cards. Even fingerprints can be used. We also offer audio and video intercoms to allow visitors access to your home or office. We use several manufacturers so we can design a system to meet your needs.​


    Home Control

    Imagine a home where lighting adjusts automatically to the time of day, music follows you from room to room, and a myriad of other automatic options are available at the touch of a button, even from a remote location. Digital Security offers two products that are rich in home control functions - the ELK System and 2GIG. Both systems have the ability to process a series of user-supplied instructions to control lighting, locks, thermostats, appliances. Both act as a sophisticated burglar and fire alarm system and both can be controlled via the Internet.

    Home automation systems become a lifestyle system and can perform the following:

    • Allow local and remote control of thermostats. They can set back the temperature in your home when you arm the system to "away".
    • Turn the temperature back to normal when you arrive home and disarm the system. 
    • Turn all the controlled lights in your home off when you arm the system, and turn on only the ones you need when you disarm.
    • Control lighting around your home, turning lights on and off at preset times.
    • Allow you to unlock a controlled door over the Internet to allow entry to a family member, friend or workman.
    • Monitor for leaks of water, gas, smoke, etc, and notify the central station as well as your smart phone. In the case of water leak, it can shut down the water supply to your home to minimize damage from a leak.
    • Speak in a natural voice
    • Allow two-way voice communication with the central station.
    • When set to vacation mode, they can automatically turn off the water heater, shut down the main water supply entering the house.
    • Control lighting in the house, giving the home a lived in appearance.
    • Control the irrigation system.
    • Make decisions based on sensor data such as outside light sensor, outside temperature sensor, time of year, etc.
    • Monitor power usage in your home and aid you in reducing your electric bill.


    • VA DCJS #11-1859
    • BBB
    • Class A Contractor License Number:
      # 2705-016239A

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